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Facebook Stories: Ready, Set…

Facebook Stories: Ready, Set…

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Mike Steven
25 June 2017

Facebook Stories launched back in March and in the three or so months since its release, has had very little traction.

Facebook Stories is best described as a knock-off of SnapChat or even a duplication of its own Instagram Stories. So, what is it? Facebook Stories is a space to create and share fun, up to the minute photo and video stories that disappear after 24 hours. Facebook Stories is accessed from the top of your personal News Feed on the Facebook App.

Facebook Screen Grab

While Facebook is yet to roll out Stories to business pages, our expectation is that they will do so sometime this year. And when it rolls out to business pages, you too should be ready to roll.

When Instagram’s version of Stories (also called Stories) launched in 2016, adoption was slow, especially for businesses, who for the most part, were encountering expiring content for the first time. During this time, early adopters shared prime real estate at the top of Instagram News Feeds with few others, if any at all. It was a short lived but golden time for marketers, with massive, low cost brand exposure as the reward.

The slow uptake of Facebook Stories provides sufficient evidence to think the same early adopter benefits will be available when Facebook Stories rolls out to businesses. How long the warming period lasts depends largely on the willingness of the hordes of smaller businesses to try a new marketing space. Typically, smaller businesses are slow adopters, waiting for a proven audience before committing resources. However, as Facebook is a more familiar space than Instagram, the lag might be shorter on this social platform.

If there’s one take out from this article, it would be, get ready! Have a play around with Stories on your personal profile and start jotting down story ideas. The earlier you warm to Facebook Stories, the bigger your reward.

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