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Design tips to help you leave your mark

Design tips to help you leave your mark

Mike 120x120px
Mike Steven
16 April 2017

Do you want to leave an outstanding first impression with your prospective clients, investors or colleagues? The five tips outlined below will help you create a visually appealing presentation with modern techniques grounded in graphic design principles, guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and enthused.

1. Use bright eye-catching colours

bright eye catching colours

Bright colours are often overlooked when trying to create a professional looking presentation. When used well, bright colours can work to your advantage, creating a bold, eye-catching and engaging presentation.

2. Use infographics

Use Infographics

Infographics are a more engaging way of displaying tables of data or boring graphs. Infographics get straight to the point and work well to highlight the most important pieces of information using more memorable visual representations.

3. Keep it simple

Keep Simple

Keep your presentation simple and consistent by restricting your palette to one or two colours. Keep typography simple, clean and the content to a minimum avoiding large sections of text.

4. Include images

Include Images

To keep your audience engaged, incorporate plenty of images. As feelings are more memorable than details, the more relatable and emotive the images the greater is your chance of leaving a lasting impression.

5. Display Typography

Display Typography

Emphasis specific slides with display typography (similar to a logo). Display typography works similar to that of a company/product logo, with the visual representation better sticking in your audience’s mind. Use display typography for title slides or important content that has minimal text.

For help creating a presentation that pops, contact our Chatterbox Marketing team today.