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Case Study - An Annual Report that won’t put you to sleep

Case Study - An Annual Report that won’t put you to sleep

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Nigel Preston
18 October 2017

Annual Reports are just plain boring … right? Well, not with Chatterbox Marketing!

 MACS Annual Report Spreads

We’re really pleased with how this latest piece of work has come together for the client, MACS (Multicultural Aged Care Services) in Geelong. MACS is such a great organisation doing great things for these special members of our community.

Our cover star here is Herbert, the resident German joker, one of many great people with great stories to tell at MACS. Herbert tells us that he:

‘loves making people laugh and playing pranks on the staff. I’m always there to help and take care of our resident birds, giving them fresh water and cleaning their cage.’

The Brief:

We were asked to deliver a fresh design for this publication that was different to everything else out there in the Aged Care market. This Annual Report itself uses a magazine-style feature story format rather than the traditional (and rather dull) facts and figures document we’ve all seen plenty of times.

 MACS Annual Report

The Result:

The modern design helps to make the stories sing off the page and brings a breath of fresh air and celebrates the year that was at MACS.
(oh, and the client was happy, too)