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The World's Favourite Colour ...

The World's Favourite Colour ...

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Tegan Woodcock
6 September 2017

A 2017 study, conducted by paper company G.F Smith, has identified the world’s favourite colour. Can you guess what hue it is?

The study receiving submissions from 30,000 people in over 100 countries via an online poll. Chosen by popular consensus, the winner was a hue picked by Annie Marrs, a fine arts graduate of Dundee.

The hue’s adopted name, ‘Marrs Green’, is fitting for more reasons than one, with the colour being similar to that of a Martian creature. However, the new colour has experts divided when describing the colour. Although being classified as a shade of green, the hue has been described as more of a teal or even blue.

Rising above the controversy, colours similar to ‘Marrs Green’ have long been some of our favourites, so the new colour gets a big A+ from Team Chatterbox.

Watch this video to see how the World’s favourite colour is made: