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Marketing Workshops & Presentations

Turn your ideas into strategies with a little extra 'know-how'.

Workshops & Presentations


Nothing can replace the knowledge and insight you have about your own business, industry and target audience. The goal of our Marketing Workshops is to provide the framework and tools to turn your ideas into strategies and your strategies into measurable actions.

Our workshop topics include:

  • Once Upon a Storytelling Workshop (NEW)
  • Social Media Marketing for Beginners
  • Facebook Masterclass (UPDATED)
  • Instagram Masterclass (UPDATED)
  • LinkedIn for Leaders (NEW)
  • Can Social Media + Local Government = Success? (NEW)
  • What’s Wrong With My Website?
  • Blogging for Your Business
  • Content Marketing Masterclass
  • How To: Engage Your database
  • How To: Achieve PR & Marketing Success for Events
  • Successful Marketing on a Shoestring Budget
  • How To: Advertise for Your Tourism Business


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Need a more tailored solution to your workshop needs?

Chatterbox Marketing can do that too! We’ve run strategic marketing workshops for highly satisfied community groups, local Government, industry groups and individual businesses since 2010.

We cater for small intimate groups to large workshops and presentations for over 100 people.

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