Chatterbox Wins National PRIA Award

UPDATE: We’ve gone national! PRIA sent word this morning (31/11/2018) that we’ve taken out the nation’s top award for Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign. To say we are excited is an understatement. A big thank you and congratulations to our superstar client, MACS! 


It’s certainly been an exciting week at Chatterbox Marketing HQ, as the team celebrated a huge victory in the PRIA (Public Relations Institute Australia) Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign category at the 2018 Golden Target Awards.

The Golden Target Awards are the PR industry’s longest-running and most prestigious national awards. The Awards celebrate creativity and quality marketing, communications and PR work across 30 categories and are judged by a panel of industry leaders and experts. A record number of nominations were received in 2018, making competition for this year’s Awards fiercer than ever before. 

Passion, Purpose and Playfulness

It was these three P’s that merged into a lethal combination for team Chatterbox and our MyMACS campaign, which secured a prestigious PRIA Golden Target Award for Best Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign.

It’s interesting that our most celebrated campaigns are always those which spark from a high level of creativity, imagination, youthful energy and a powerful sense of purpose.

In this instance for our MyMACS campaign, we wanted to flip the stereotypical aged care marketing on its head. We wanted to celebrate and champion ‘real people’ with ‘real stories’. 

You would have no doubt seen several commercials and printed advertisements over the years of a contrived and staged setting with an elderly person seated next to a carer, with their hand on their shoulder and using buzzwords like ‘respect’ or ‘quality care’.

‘Been there, done that!’

At Chatterbox Marketing, we thought about this long and hard wanted to get to the crux of what we believe aged care marketing should be about: storytelling. After all, how many of you know an elderly person with decades of life experience, knowledge, advice and interesting anecdotes to share? It was high time we showed our respect to those born before us and shared these incredible life stories to the wider public.

Thankfully for us, we partnered up with a wonderful aged care facility called Multicultural Aged Care Services (fondly known as MACS) who to their credit, are always willing to try something new, love pushing boundaries and are open to new ideas. They opened their hearts and their doors to us and let us in to meet with these extraordinary characters who all had an amazing back story.

We talked to a 90 year old flamenco dancer, a former palace guard to the Queen, a refugee who fled a war zone, and a mother of 12 children amongst many others.

The more we learnt about MACS through meeting its staff, volunteers and residents, the more we understood that it was our job to uncover the endearing stories that sat behind a wrinkle, a sometimes-toothless grin or a twinkle in the eye. 

About the MyMACS Campaign

And so began the journey. Interviews with these incredible people about their past history, lives, some emotive macro photography of ‘real people’ not the stock images so commonly used. We then started mocking up design concepts and playing around with various taglines and all of a sudden it sprung to life and we knew we were on to a winner. A picture of the cheeky face of a MACS resident, paired with an even cheekier tagline, ‘We help put the twinkle in your wrinkle’, gave life to all the things MACS did best. 

The execution phase of the campaign involved rolling these stories and characters out via multiple communication platforms, utilising both digital and traditional mediums to spread the word.

Once the campaign was in flight, we quickly realised this was more than a marketing idea: this was about empowering the elderly.


What does this Award mean to us?

We could talk all day long about this campaign as it has certainly captured the spirit and essence of what Chatterbox Marketing is all about: our trademark creativity and playful approach. 

Being recognised at the prestigious Golden Target Awards for this campaign is testament to our SMALL team that thinks BIG. A team of high spirited marketeers who each bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

This Award is more than just industry recognition for us and our marketing ability, it’s proof that we can play with the ‘big guns’ regardless of budget or spend and instils confidence in the old adage that ‘no idea is a bad idea’.

We will keep pushing the envelope, that’s what drives us.

If you’re a business who’s ready to tell their story in a unique, attention grabbing way, drop us an email or give us a call on 0419 101 579.