It’s a Dog’s World!

Have you had a sniff of the new ‘Your Dog’s Happy Space’ promotion launched by Visit Victoria? It’s part of their broader ‘Your Happy Space’ campaign that aims to get more Melbournians holidaying in regional Victoria.

If you are yet to see the promotion, ‘click here

Cute, isn’t it? It’s also very clever. With research showing that 65% of Victorians are pet owners, the campaign is tapping into a (not so) niche market that competing destinations can’t touch. It’s turning what was previously thought to be a hindrance to travel into a reason to pack your pooch and holiday within the state. And, with savings of $40 per day on kennel fees, it’s an offer that’s sure to see a few tails wagging.

Three tricks to learn:

Outside of the need to install more doggy doors, what can businesses learn from the ‘Your Dog’s Happy Space’ promotion?

  1. The biggest lesson is the importance of knowing your customers and the possible reasons why they WON’T be making a purchase.

  2. The second lesson is to understand your key selling propositions and the unique benefits they provide to your customers.

  3. The third lesson is the power of storytelling.


Whilst we’ve got your creative juices flowing, apply these three lessons to your business by completing the following activity:

  1. List 10 reasons why your customers WON’T purchase, despite valuing your product or service (i.e. difficult to transport).
  2. From that list of 10, pick the 3 most likely reasons why your customers won’t purchase (ie. difficult to transport) and list 3 ways that you can remove the hurdle (i.e. offering free transport).
  3. Pick 1 of your ideas and list 3 ways you can communicate the solution to potential customers. The more creative, the better (i.e. create a jingle for your TV ad or social media video that sings ‘call 13 33 33 for free de-liv-er-y’)

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