Case Study:

Monash School of Rural Health

As regional folks ourselves, when the opportunity to partner with Monash University School of Rural Health presented, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to play a small part in the development of Rural Health in Victoria. Whilst we may not be on the front lines, we’ve been applying our craft to ensure the program has a constant flow of quality applicants.

About Monash University School of Rural Health

Since 1992, Monash University School of Rural Health has been committed to improving health outcomes in rural communities by creating a sustainable and effective rural health workforce. With eight main clinical teaching sites and a range of community-based placements, their footprint stretches from Mildura in the north-west to Orbost in the south-east.


  • Development of social media strategy
  • Creating custom audiences for Facebook advertising
  • Creation of social media assets (images and videos)
  • Optimise the YouTube channel and playlists
  • Marketing and Communications initiatives for the acquisition of new students into programs
  • Creation of internal training video assets