Marketing Ideas Liftout

The year is 2020. You find yourself, your staff, your industry facing some pretty crazy times. But you don’t want to be lost in the sea of sameness like all your competitors. (Or go out of business.) You want to grab new opportunities as they come to the surface and share your stories. You need […]

Consistency is a Winning Brand Strategy

Given a ‘brand’ is most commonly defined as a business’s ‘personality’, it’s easy to understand why presenting consistent behaviour is so important. Like forging a new friendship, consistent messaging over time builds a deeper understanding and connection with your consumers. This consistency manifests in trust and ultimately, long term loyalty. The benefits of creating a […]

How to Think Like a Kid

Have you heard of the Paperclip Test? It’s a way of measuring your innovation IQ by counting the number of uses you can find for a paperclip. Go on, give it a go! One of the mantras we live by at Chatterbox Marketing is to ‘think like a kid’. Why? Because if you gave the Paperclip […]

Online Reviews Get a 5-Star Rating

Let’s set the stage: You’ve booked a weekend away on the coast and want to treat your partner to a nice dinner. You’ve never been to the area before and, as far as you’re aware, there are no stand out options with a Chef’s Hat or Michelin Star. You post on Facebook to see if […]

Top 3 Design Trends for 2019

To ensure we remain at the leading edge of design, every few months we curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and notepad in hand and research the latest industry trends. As with all types of design, we find graphics trends typically move in cycles. 2019 seems to fit that model well, with previous favourites […]

There’s something about MARYsville

A tale of PR success on how a regional destination rebuilt its reputation within a changing media landscape. Over 8 years ago, Chatterbox Marketing came onboard to assist the State Government with marketing the town of Marysville, Victoria… post Black Saturday bushfires. This was a new contract awarded two years after the devastation of this historic […]

DIY Public Relations

No matter how you want to measure it, public relations (PR) can be your most cost-effective form of marketing. But that doesn’t mean it will be. Why? Because PR relies on others spreading your message, and there are no guarantees they’ll play ball. To maximise your chances for mega exposure, below are our DIY tips […]

5 Habits of a Successful You!

What a difference one day can make when that day is January 1st. Frustrations and failings from the previous year get tossed aside as you replace your old diary with the new. It’s fresh pages, undamaged and unclogged, give hope for a bright future, full of ambition and success. With that hope in mind, we’ve […]

It’s a Dog’s World!

Have you had a sniff of the new ‘Your Dog’s Happy Space’ promotion launched by Visit Victoria? It’s part of their broader ‘Your Happy Space’ campaign that aims to get more Melbournians holidaying in regional Victoria. If you are yet to see the promotion, ‘click here’ Cute, isn’t it? It’s also very clever. With research […]

Chatterbox Wins National PRIA Award

UPDATE: We’ve gone national! PRIA sent word this morning (31/11/2018) that we’ve taken out the nation’s top award for Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign. To say we are excited is an understatement. A big thank you and congratulations to our superstar client, MACS!  _____________ It’s certainly been an exciting week at Chatterbox Marketing HQ, as the team celebrated […]